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Ballista has created a range of apps and content for the latest generation of tablets and mobile devices, from location based video guides to groundbreaking history apps for the iPad.

Our award winning Timeline app Timeline WW2 for iPad was launched in spring 2012 .  The timeline and map driven history of WW2 features over 1500 events including images, video and text based entries.  The app was produced in association with British Pathe newsreel archive, and also includes significant US news archive content.  

The second in the Timeline series of apps Timeline Battle Castles to accompany the Ballista TV series and book 'Battle Castles', has now launched.  iPhone versions of these apps will soon be available, along with apps on WW1 and the US Civil War.

Ballista has recently won both a Lovie award and a Webby Honoree award for our Timeline WW2 app.

Webby Award         Lovie Award


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